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Planimetron creates visual decision support solutions for Commercial & Corporate Real Estate professionals. Planimetron software currently houses nearly 1 billion square feet of leased and owned real estate space; Planimetron, developer of the original BOMA™ Standardware, is pleased to announced the release of Propidex™ Online.
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Important Features

  • Propidex™ Online calculates area consistent with the new BOMA 2010 Measurement Standard (Method A and Method B) as well as BOMA 96, Fixed Factor and REBNY (Note: BOMA Office Measurement Standards are the copyright of BOMA International.)
  • Propidex™ Online supports AUTOCAD 2010 .dwg files (and previous releases), including layers, line types and polylines.
  • Propidex™ Online generates coloured floor plans and creates stacking plans based on floor, unit and lease data that you provide.
  • Propidex™ Online exports PDF's of stacks, floor plans, reports and other graphical and tabular output.
  • Propidex™ Online provides multi-user access to a integrated Microsoft SQL™ database using state-of-the-art Microsoft.Net technology




Office    Retail

Relevant Features
 Integrate multiple CAD formats enabling the whole
     organization with interactive floor plans
 Provide support for BOMA, Fixed Factor, and other area
     measurement standards


 Provide easy area calculations and visual presentation tools.
 Easy storage and viewing of historical, current and future drawings
 Maintain master, alternative and scenario drawings
 Export to PDF, DWG, Excel…..

Relevant Features
  Provide the whole organization with interactive floor plans
  Perform area calculations easily

  Utilize visual presentation tools to display potential tenants
  Store and view historical, current and future drawings
  Maintain master, alternative and scenario drawings
  Export to PDF, DWG, Excel, etc.
  Add text, interactive floor markers and sales zones to floor plans

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