About Planimetron
Planimetron creates visual decision support solutions for commercial and corporate real estate professionals. Since 1983, Planimetron solutions have generated a rich graphical user experience by integrating real estate and spatial data.

Planimetron's flagship products, Propidex (for commercial real estate) and Corpidex (for corporate real estate), create time-sensitive, interactive graphical presentations of data to support a wide range of real estate business processes, including area measurement calculations and opportunity and exposure analysis. Planimetron tools are multi-national, supporting multiple languages and measurement standards.
Our Design Philosophy
Planimetron’s product focus on the needs of the decision maker through cross-portfolio analysis including vacancy, expiration, rent, lease terminations, encumbrances and renewal rights, BOMA area calculations and financial consolidation from the landlord or the occupant perspective. For the leasing person we have factsheets, date-sensitive stacks and re-demiseable floorplans, photos, leasing oriented rent-roll reports, lease plans, space plans, prospect and availability tracking, NER and more. For the property manager there is financial budgets and results, tenant listings, subtenant support and space management, move management and much more.
Using the latest connectivity technology, Planimetron products can use any ODBC compliant database including MS SQL/Server and Oracle. Hence, Planimetron’s software can support you in your chosen environment and does not require you adopt a new database platform.
Planimetron’s products don’t require that you maintain a separate CAD program such as AutoCAD or Microstation to do your space planning and floorplan changes. You can maintain your Architects' drawings in their native format without having to require that be converted to one standard CAD program. No additional CAD user licenses or viewers required to let everyone view, re-demise, calculate rentable area and save floorplan scenarios. Best of all, the applications are intuitive and easy to use – so you don’t need to be a CAD operator to do floorplan scenarios, and you only need a couple of hours orientation training to know how to find, consolidate, analyze and query your information.
Each client uses different terminology (lease vs. agreement, gross rent vs. escalated rent, etc), and has different views of their information depending on the data available and the kind of properties they have. Configuration changes can be property specific, are easily made in-house and require no programming changes. Data is still exchangeable, and multi-language support is available.
What every organization needs is someone who understands their data – where it is, how it got there, what it means, and how it should be interpreted. Implementing Planimetron’s products encourages this knowledge to become internalized. As as result there is not only minimal support required, but this knowledge flows over into many other areas of the business.
Most CAFM systems require that all the information to support their application be created in their own database. Not so with Planimetron. We rely on Property Management source systems for this information and results in no possibility of reconciliation issues. Clients require that their PM systems to be integrated with their financial systems. Planimetron allows you to continue to use the accountants backend system while fulfilling your property management, space management, leasing management and portfolio analysis requirements. No worries about reconciliation issues.
Incorporated in each of our products is the area calculation tool built by Planimetron for and sold by BOMA (Standardware). Of course, we support other standards as well and you can be confident in our Rentable Area Calculations. Landlords and Occupants today are very focused in reflecting accurate areas in their lease contracts. Identify opportunities to recover area, or revisit proposed areas.
You are not forever committed to your decisions related to your property management system. Should you change your backend systems, your investment in Planimetron is protected. Systems we currently integrate with are Management Reports Inc., SAP, JDEdwards, CTI in the Realm, Integrated Business Systems, and others.
Planimetron’s policy to maintain one application with high-level client configuration. Enhancements made for a client are re-distributed to all clients in the form of application releases, which is covered in your maintenance fees. As a result, our applications contain significant functionality designed by real estate professionals and which incorporate a broad set of customer requirements.
There is no separate web module or additional 3rd party software required to make it work – even to view or change floorplans! Propidex and Corpidex were built in Microsoft, a program created to write web applications, for the web, from scratch by our development team who is headed up by an Architect first, programmer second.
Our Clients
Just Some of Planimetron's Clients: