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Welcome to Corpidex Online - your portal for corporate real estate information management services, hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform.

    Problems logging in?  If this is your first time accessing Corpidex Online from this webpage, we need to speak with you to gather some important information.  Please contact Corpidex Online Support at 613.545.7848.


New in Corpidex

Multi- Language Support!   This version of Corpidex incorporates multi-language support, which includes the following (Enhancements 1 - 4):

Corpidex In Chinese

1. The "Admin > Language" option allows an administrator to add a new language
in addition to the base language (I.e. English) in Corpidex;

2. For each language added, an administrator can translate the language-specific
Resources (I.e. texts and labels displayed across Corpidex) from the base
language (English) to the destination language. After the initial automatic
translation, the administrator can further refine or modify the translation to the
desired text.

3. When a user launches Corpidex, it will open Corpidex with the same language
as the user's Windows regional setting (if that language is already set up in

4. When Corpidex is open, a user can switch from one language to another
language from "My Settings".
Internal Configuration Updates   Added the following options to the "Admin" menu to allow internal configuration
by the administrator:
- Admin > Actions
- Admin > Move Actions
- Admin > Grids
- Admin > Themes

For full details of this release of Corpidex, click here... .