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Tenant Logo Library


What is it?

The Tenant Logo library is the place where Propidex users can access a database of popular tenant logos and use them within their drawings.


The library includes logos that have been converted into a design friendly format (.dwg) so that they may be included within floor plans and manipulated without loss of quality.


How does it work?

The logo library is free for all customers until December 31, 2011 after which it will be included in the annual maintenance fees.

Qualified users may request access from info@planimetron.com after which they will be sent a login and password.  They will then have access to download all the logos from within the library and use them within their drawings.


What are the benefits?

- The service will allow users to get high quality logos immediately without the hassle of manually converting and developing them. The library allows users to save time and effort of manual development of the logos.


- Logos add a new dimension to floor plans giving them a more personalized feel and look. Floor plans can be printed with or without logos.


   The Logo you want isn't in the library?  Don’t have time to make it yourself?  Get a custom logo created for you!  If you would like a logo that is not currently included in the library, our team would be happy to create it for you. Logos start at as little as $50.


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