Propidex helps decision makers better manage their real estate by providing innovative software solutions that integrate and quantify space, occupancy and performance data over time. This visually rich information system allows real estate management and staff to identify opportunities and expose risks across their entire portfolio using color-coded floor plans, charts, reports and other decision support tools.
Main Features

It is our firm belief that the quality of the information provided to us through Propidex has given us a significant competitive advantage. We are able to make the right business decisions because all of the players have the right information.

Flexible and intuitive, Propidex makes it easy to do such things as locate tenants on the floor plans, drill down in lease details, identify vacancies and roll-overs to provide just-in-time turnaround that people have come to expect.

Propidex is a very powerful tool for any major real estate company to assist leasing personnel and senior managers. The ability to visualize both the current and future opportunities as well as threats in an intuitive and easy to understand way, is invaluable.

Which Version of Propidex is Right for You?
Features Propidex Online Propidex Enterprise
Your Portfolio Up to 5 million square feet Over 5 million square feet
Your Property Management Data Data entry Integrate with on-premise property management system
(JDE, MRI, CTI, IBS, Timberline, etc.)
Hosting Hosted on our Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosted on our Microsoft Azure Cloud, or hosted by you on premise or on your own Azure Cloud environment
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