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Release Notes

Corpidex 07/07/2010



  1. Added the ablity to import and manage AutoCAD layers in floorplans.

2. Added the ability to import CAD with the following line types:
- Continuous
- Center
- Center2
- Dashdot
- Dashed
- Divide
- Hidden
- Hidden2
- Phantom
- Phantom2

3. Added the "Admin > Settings" option for an administrator to view/edit the records
in the Settings table.

4. Added the "Admin > System > XLayers" option for an administrator to set up the
XLayers table, which is a required configuration if a user wants to use the "Create
layered background from layers in Xtable" option to import a CAD drawing.

5. Added the "Update AutoCAD Library" option to the Publish Drawings dialog.

6. Added the ability to export a floorplan to .dwg file from "File > Export > AutoCAD".

7. Replaced the "+" button with a "Change Dept" button within an allocation project.

8. Added the "Move Out" and "Move In" buttons within a move project.
9. The "File > Import" options are only available within a Workfile.

10. The "Save" and "Convert" buttons in the Layer Manager are only available
within a Workfile.

11. Creating a workfile will copy the current Layerstate to the Workfile.

12. Deleting a workfile deletes the relevant data from LayerStates.
Added the following options to the "Admin" menu to allow internal configuration
by the administrator:
- Admin > Actions
- Admin > Move Actions
- Admin > Grids
- Admin > Themes


  (Item 1 are included in the first version of Corpidex (first drop to MS)

1. Changed the file name for a published move schedule to a generic name so that
will work for all Corpidex clients.
2. Fixed the issue with importing CAD drawing using the "Create layered
background from Layers in Xtable". (New-feature-related)

3. Fixed the issue with moving one person to a specific room using the "Move In"
button within a move project. (New-feature-related)
  • Single quote ( ‘ ) in LayerName is now accepted.

  • 4. Fixed the issue with the occupied rooms not ordered properly by room number in
    the "Move To…" list within a move project.

  • 5. In the Allocations tab, deleting the last allocation project will disable all buttons
    except for the "New Project" button.

  • 6. When a user clicks on the "Summarize" button within an allocation project, the
    "Show Floorplan" button is disabled.

  • 7. Publishing views with illegal characters (*<>?/\|:) replaces them with blanks in
    the file name.

  • 8. Fixed the Layer Manager so that if a user turns off all the layers, the Layer
    Manager button will still be available on the drawing.