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Release Notes

Corpidex 07/01/2011



Support for Employee Photos! 1. New Add/edit picture button for adding employee photos to employee’s personnel file and having them displayed on the floor plan. (The Photo is now displayed on the left side whereas text is on the right. This makes it easier to include two people in one room while keeping text legible.)

2. Publish pdf drawing/visio/print out - the photo will be displayed on the floor plan if the “Include photo” checkbox is checked from the publish page.

Administrative table enhancements! 3. Support functionality for users to add new “staffing resource types” through the administrator menu by going to (Admin->System->Staffing).

4. The ability to configure room level attributes from the manage screen.



1.            Hierarchy starts at 0. It should start at 1 to fix the bug where we cant copy it to the grid (excel)


2.            Add/Edit Person form did several changes in Photo/StaffingResourceType /Cost Center/ProfitCenter fields


3.            Draw col, Room col, Move col grids: Columns not disappearing when width is set to 0


4.            Add a new Action in Action form, it will populate at Drawing- Action Combo bo.


5.            In People grid won’t color(yellow color on records) the RID from MoveOuts table.


6.            In Cost Center page, we can copy cost center description to clipboad - Not missing the cost center description on clipboard.


7.            Fixed Area displayed like"F" to "SF" or depends on resources in the Form = "UofA"