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Release Notes




Area Categories Under the Area Categories theme on a drawing, if you press the F4 key in label mode, you can now quickly change the area category of the selected unit to the selected area category in the colour legend.

Rotate Foreground


This functionality will now help you align the foreground with the CAD background.





In the Reports tab, exporting reports to PDF or XLS now prompts for a folder which starts with the users folder in “My Settings”.  You can override the default file name and file location. So now you can customize the file name and location, making it easier to access your files later.


Tenant Flex


A unit with a custom label will now be designated with a diagonal cross in that unit’s colour box. This will help you to quickly identify which units have custom labels.



When a custom label with a solid colour is selected, the unit will be filled with a forward-diagonal pattern to show that it has been selected.


  • Single quote ( ‘ ) in LayerName is now accepted.

  • Attaching a non-layered background will turn the Layers button invisible.


  • Polygon Mode now snaps correctly to the background (it was previously snapping to the foreground.)


  • Labelling not taking correctly when circulation areas are not given unit numbers.


  • Area Calcs Grid now prints to one page wide, regardless of what printer the user has selected.