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Release Notes




My Settings - Unit of Measurement The Area Calcs tab now respects the users unit of area measurement that was selected in My Settings.


The Rentable Area wizard also now respects the unit of Area Measurement selected in My Settings.


Import Area Model



The Import Area Model creates Unit Numbers if the space is rentable and its unit number has a zero length.


Sales Zones - Columns


The order of the columns in the Sales Zones grid have been changed to Zone, Sales (PSF), Sales and Area


Copy to Clipboard

You are now able to copy Sales Zone information to Clipboard.


Portfolio form: if a user changes the security settings, the Property List will not rebuild unless the database is secure.


  • If a user deletes a drawing, the drawing will be deleted without prompting the user to save changes.

  • In Assign Labels, Area Categories & User Data, all spaces are given a Net Area (Qno = 10). Also, changing the Sales Zone will recolour the space on the drawing immediately.


  • Changing the Sales Zone for a unit was not being reflected in the grid or the drawing - this has since been fixed.


  • Only users with Zone Rights will be able to access Add/Delete Makers in the File menu.