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Release Notes




ManageLeases Added a new setting, ManageLeases which allows a user with property-level Edit rights to add or edit lease data in the Lease Info screen when set to Y.

Saving Default Property

You can now save your default property collection (including "All Properties") in My Settings.


Stack Label Settings



Stack Label Settings now has a new feature "include floor with no units", which is the default for the stack in the Tenants tab.


Stack Labels


If the Overflow option for a stack is set to "off", Propidex will 'squeeze' all the labels in the stack.


Searching by
Tenant Type

You are now able to search by Tenant Type on the Locate Tenants tab.

  • Fixed the error Users.Grouping = NULL which occured when a user launched Propidex.


  • Fixed an error which occured when a CAD drawing was imported withe a single quote ( ' ) in the layer name.