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Release Notes




Usage Tracking Added usage data to Propidex to track the total number of sessions, minutes of usage and last used date/time for each Propidex user. The tracking data will be stored in the Users table.

  • In Manage Grids, fields with width = 0 will not be displayed in the grid in drawings, stacks, budget tab/drawing or the Locate Tenants tab.


  • ● Fixed the issue that unit number with 16 characters will be truncated.


  • ● Fixed the issue that the column widths in the Budget tab are not dynamically adjusting to the column headers.


  • ● Fixed the issue that arcs in a background drawing do not get the correct color when exported to .pdf.


  • ● Fixed the error which occurs when a user opens the Lease Info screen and the only item shown in the drop-down has a higher user level than the user's user level.