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Release Notes




Scenario Drawings For clients that use workflow integrated with Propidex scenario drawings, the user can now choose whether or not a scenario (or an update to a scenario) is sent to workflow.
Scenario Drawings For clients that do not use integrated workflow, default unittype and spacetype are no longer requested when creating new units in a scenario.
Area Calcs Tab For Fixed Factor Area Measurements: the "Load Factor" has been added to the Area Calculations and is displayed in the Area Calcs spreadsheet.
Manage Domains Added the "Manage > Tables > Domains" option, which allows an administrator to add/delete users' domain names to the Domains table.

  • ● Fixed the issue that publishing drawings using the Sales Category theme will have the logo overlapping with the color legends (when the logo is located at top-right).


  • ● Fixed the issue that double-clicking into a drawing from the Find Vacant Space time does not carry over the same timeframe.


  • ● Fixed the issue that the Virtual Earth map does not zoom properly to show the selected properties.