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Release Notes




Export Drawing to .PDF Added the following new options to the "PDF Export" dialog from a drawing:
- New paper sizes: C-Size, D-Size, E-Size
- New scales: 1:200, 1:100, 1:50
- New option: "Draw Bar Scale" - will add a bar scale to the export .pdf indicating the scale being used

Multi-Language Support A user can now switch to another language database in "My Settings" without having to change the Windows regional and language settings.
Documents Tab The "Change Section" button in the property-level Documents tab now displays a list of existing sections, which also allows the user to enter a new section name.
Custom Labels When a user defines a custom color and uses it for a custom label, the color will be saved and be used across drawings. (Up to 16 custom colors can be saved from the current drawing.)
Area Calcs Tab Added single-tenant factor and multi-tenant factor to the Area Calcs tab for properties using Fixed-Factor Method.
Area Calcs Tab Added a property average to the "Total" line for the Calculated and Office Rentable columns in the Area Calcs tab.
Report Manager The Report Manager now supports entering double-byte characters (for example, Chinese characters).
Manage Leases In the Edit Lease (Edit Charges) functionality, changes to lease charges are tracked in the ChargeEditLog table.

  • ● When a user opens Revision History from a scenario or an alternate drawing, the drop-down list of drawings will switch to "Master Drawing" automatically.


  • ● Fixed the issue that opening revision history from a scenario does not save changes on the scenario.

  • If the user has CAD rights and/or is the MadeFor person for the scenario, Propidex will prompt the user to save changes to the scenario before jumping to a historical drawing.
    If the user does not have CAD rights and is not the MadeFor person for the scenario, Propidex will prompt the user to save the changes as a new private scenario.


  • ● When a user opens a scenario from the Area Calcs tab, the Revision History option will be disabled.


  • ●  Changed the column header in the Budget tab from "Budget Year" to "Year" to be more generic.


  • ●  "Floors" is now displayed as the first column header in the Area Calcs tab for any calculation method.


  • ●  In the Budget tab/drawing, UnitAreas are now effective upon the lease start dates.

●  Made the following fixes to the Manage Table feature:
- Add/Delete Primary Key will update all language databases
- Updating a non-key Field will update the current language database only
- NULL fields no longer throw errors


  • ●  Fixed the issue that users without Edit Rights to fact sheets can still make changes to the fact sheets.