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Release Notes




Business intelligence

Added a new "Trends" (Business Intelligence) tab at the portfolio-level, which displays trends graphs for business objects defined by the user/client. 

(For example, the Trends tab can be set up to display the graph for Base Rent, Sales, Vacancy, etc. to show their changes over a specific time period.)

Help pages

Added a client-specific Help page, which can be access from the main "Help" menu.

The text for the new option and the URL for the Help page can both be configured by a client.

Configure help links Added the ""Manage > Tables > Help"" option to allow an administrator to configure the Help links from the frontend of Propidex.
Field Support

Added support for the following fields in the property-level Budget tab:


Parent (QNo=16)

LegalName (QNo=80)

Sales Category (QNo = 21)

Sales PSF (QNo = 37)

Detailed Bar Scale

Included a detailed bar scale for the 1/16'' = 1'-0'' scale in Export to .PDF from drawing.

Extended drawing support The drop-down list of Master Drawing/Scenarios on a floorplan has been expanded to support up to 50 drawings.
Double Byte Characters The Report Manager now supports entering double-byte characters (for example, Chinese characters).
Manual unit management support For clients that prefer to manage the units/leases manually, the "Manage Units" option has been moved to the property level and can be configured when a property is added/edited from the frontend of Propidex.  (Used to be a global setting)

  • Fixed the issue that dynamic blocks in a CAD drawing are not displayed correctly once imported into Propidex.


  • Fixed the issue that the ""Show Suffixes"" option on a drawing is not saving.


  • Fixed the issue with Manage Domains, where it only allowed a user to enter a domain name of up to 8 characters.  (Now a user can enter up to 50 characters for a domain name.)


  • ●  Fixed the Unit Notes so that any user can change the "Status" field for a shared note.


  • ●  In the "Compare Properties" tab, the Gross Area now gets re-calculated upon changing the timeframe.


  • ●  When a user saves a drawing, the NSF, PRA and CRA fields in the Spaces table now get updated properly.