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Release Notes




High Function Label Boxes! ● Added a new option "Edit > Flip All" (Ctrl + F8) for a label box on a drawing, which allows a user to move all the units in/out from a label box with one click.

 FLIP all

Total Portfolio Information! ●  At the portfolio level, grouping with the "All Properties" option will display a complete list of properties, along with the total square footage of the entire portfolio in the "All" group header.

 Square ft

Easy Printing! ●  Added a "File > Print Chart" option to the portfolio-level "Compare Properties" and "Trends" tab.

Print Chart
Trends order ●  The order of Trends displayed in the drop-down list can now be configured using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons in the Manage Trends dialog.
Directory Warnings

●  If the user's folder directory in My Setting is invalid, Propidex will display a warning message when the user tries to copy a drawing to clipboard or opens the Map tab.

The "My Settings" dialog will also disallow invalid folder directories.

Administrator Features ●  Added the "Manage > Tables > Contacts" option to allow an administrator to add/edit/delete contact information, which is used in the Availability functionality in Propidex and published as part of the PSTACK application.
Propidex Web Launch Support

●  The following parameters are supported by launching Propidex.exe from a URL:


- PDXShell: Launches Propidex from the location specified in the registry                                                                                                     

- PDXShell:app                  Tells Propidex which app launched Propidex

- PDXShell:app&P:30         Launch Propidex with parameters


  • Reports with filters are now working if the Propidex databases are set to SQL Server 2005 Compatibility Level.


●  Moved the following budget tables from MLT to USA:


    - DealTypes

    - DealStatus

    - BUnitTypes

    - BDealTypes

    - BLeaseTypes


  •  Fixed the issue that the "Status" column in the Unit Notes dialog is not wrapping the text properly.


  • ●  The online user manual has also been updated to this version, which will become available to you when you upgrade to this version of Propidex.

    The Administrator’s Manual for this version of Propidex is also available upon your request.