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Release Notes

Propidex 11/08/2010



Locate Tenants Tab Enhanced!

The "Locate Tenants" tab has been re-designed to incorporate the following enhancements:


  • - Users can now select whether to include expired leases and/or future leases in the search;


- A Trends section is added to the lower part of the Locate Tenants tab, which displays the trend graph for the search results;

- The search results are grouped in the selected property group ;

- A summary with subtotals for all the number fields is displayed for each group;

- Within each group, the results are ordered by property name and then lease number;

- The NSF, CRA and PRA area fields are now displayed in the grid.

"New Notes" Report Updates

- Reports now supports the use of the "PDXUSER" syntax in the reports query, which will recognize the user's user ID who runs the report.

- This has been applied in the new Notes report, which will only display unit notes created by the user and all the shared notes.

- The Availability functionality now supports language-specific comments in both Propidex and Pstack.


- Fixed the issue that the user will have a negative number for session length if the user keeps Propidex open overnight.