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Release Notes

Propidex 11/19/2010



Refresh When Comparing Properties!

On Demand Reports Within Locate Tenant Menu!

New and Improved Budget Tab Functions!

1. Added a "Refresh" button to the Compare Properties tab for better performance.


2. Added a "Report" button in the Locate Tenants tab to allow for tenant-specific reports. 

(New report will need to be put in in order to take advantage of this feature.)


3. The units of measurements are now language-specific in both Propidex and Pstack. 

 An administrator can change the display in the column headers for the area fields. 

(For example, (SF) can be customized to other languages in the specific language database.)


(Enhancements 4 - 10 are related to the Budget functionalities)


4. The Budget tab now allows a comparison between actual, forecast and budget.


-level option to either add/retire units in a Budget Drawing, or add/retire units in the Budget tab.


6. Added the ability to add/retire units for the re-forecast in the Budget tab without using the drawing.


7. Added a "Build Tables" button to the Budget tab to update the budget data after creating new units and new assumptions for better performance.

8. The AREF budget form now fetches last annualized rents/SF if the user selects "Continue" from the drop-down list for rent.


9. The columns in the Lease Info screen under the "Budget" drop-down list are now configurable based on specific budget tables.


10. Added the following options to the "Manage" menu:


Manage > Tables > Budget Books

Manage > Tables > Budget Panels



1. Fixed the issue with the buttons in the Budget tab not sizing properly in Windows7.


2. Fixed the issue with exporting curved walls (arcs) from drawing to .pdf.


3. Fixed the look and feel for the drop-down lists in the Manage Trends dialog.


4. In the stacking diagram, the "Include Floors with No Units" label option is now saved in the user's settings.


5.  Fixed the issue that Propidex does not respect Resources records for the property-level tabs.  (Regression)


6. The "Manage Actions" window now disallows column-dragging.


7. Fixed the error that is generated when a user clicks on the "Refresh" button in the Trends tab where there is no trends.


8. Fixed the issue that font sizes for Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 unit types are not carried over to Publish Drawings.


9. Fixed the issue that changes in the areas/factors in a scenario do not get reflected in the Area Calcs tab in a Fixed Factor Building. (not a problem with BOMA buildings)


10. Fixed the issue that images copied from the following places cannot be pasted to Word:


- Compare Properties

- Locate Tenants

- Trends tab




11. Fixed the issue that entering the Lease Info screen in an Office property generates an error.  (Regression caused by the new AREF budget forms.)


12. Fixed the issue that if a user adds a units document with a percent sign ("%") in the file name, it will generate an error when the user tries to send the document through email.


13. Fixed the issue that if custom labels or custom text is turned off on a drawing, the "A" button does not show as red when a user enters another drawing with those options off.