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Release Notes

Propidex 02/23/2011



Standardware Features and Trends Support!

Additional Property Attributes

New "Last Tenant Field"

1. The following enhancements were made for importing StandardWare models:

- Added support for 16-character unit numbers;

- Added support for duplicate room numbers used as department codes;

- Added the ability to auto-number units.

2. This version of Propidex supports up to 20 property attributes (Likes).

. The "Locate Tenants" tab now supports displaying Trends graph grouped by


4. Added a new field "Last Tenant" to the following places:

- Tenants tab

- Floorplans

- Locate Tenants tab

- Budget drawings

This field will display the name of the last tenant for the unit.



1. Changed the "Refresh" button to "Graph" in the Locate Tenant tab to avoid

confusion, because the previous "Refresh" button also requires a re-search for the


2. Fixed the "Out of Memory" error which occurs when there are tiny circles in CAD

drawings on import.

3. Improved the way Propidex handles solid hatches and splines upon CAD imports.

4. In the Theme Manager, themes requiring ThemeData records (I.e. themes with

type "C", "F" or "R") now automatically expose the ThemeData section.

5. Adding a floor from the "Floorplans" tab now supports floor numbers with up to 8


6. Adding a new unit from the "Budget" tab now supports unit numbers with up to

16 characters.

7. Fixed the issue with fields not respecting user levels in the Budget tab and

budget drawings.

8. Fixed the error which occurs when a user adds a new unit not starting at the

beginning of the year from the Budget tab and then clicks on "Rebuild Table".