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Release Notes

Propidex 03/17/2011



Tenant Logos Are Now Supported!

Click Below For an Interactive Tenant Logo Demo


1. Added a global logo library to allow users manage property/unit logos.
Users can do the following under the new "Draw Tenant Logos" mode:

- Import logos (.dwg files) into the logo library in Propidex;
- Add or remove logos to the floorplans;
- Scale and rotate the logos.

The logos can be turned on/off on a floorplan for viewing purposes.
When the logos are turned on on drawings, they will also be carried over to .pdf
export and published drawings.


1. Fixed the issue that the "%T" format is not putting the theme name in the file
name when a user exports a floorplan to .pdf.

2. Fixed the issue that custom labels with hatches do not look correct in exported
.pdfs with C/D/E paper sizes.

3. Fixed the issue that the "Edit Assumption" dialog display unit areas with a
decimal place under AREF budget model.

4. Fixed the issue that the "Edit Assumption" dialog does not calculate Tenant
Allowance to the PSF value under AREF budget model.

5. Added support for 3D walls for importing CAD drawings.

6. Improved the way Propidex handles solid hatches upon CAD imports.

7. Fixed the issue that the Expiry themes with type X or W do not display any
vacancy in the stack/pie chart.