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Release Notes

Propidex 03/28/2011



Save Default Settings and Publish .PNG's!

Enhanced .SVG Exports!


1. This version of Propidex allows a user to save default setting for exporting a .PDF from a floorplan, which can then be applied to all .PDF exports automatically. The saved settings are drawing scale and orientation.

2. Users with CAD rights can now publish drawings to .PNG files using the "Publish Drawings" tab.

3. Added the following new features to publishing drawings to .SVG:


- Units can now be colored according to the Availability theme;

- Units can be labelled on .SVG outputs (including custom labels and label boxes);

- Dimensions can be displayed in .SVG outputs;

- Ability to turn on/off background text or foreground colors;

- Ability to export with/without tenant logos


 1. Fixed the issue that a user cannot create a new ViewSet from the frontend.

(A user can now enter a new value in the "ViewSet" field in the "Edit Property" dialog.  Same with the other Likes and attributes.)


2.  Fixed the error that occurs when a user filters the property list by selecting a Like in Chinese.


3.  Fixed the issue with the "Manage Language" screen not refreshed when the user changes the language database.


4. Fixed the issue that the ViewSet colors are reset to white once a user changed the default labels under out-of-box colors.


5. Fixed the issue that the Fact Sheet tab only shows the first page of the fact sheet if there are multiple pages.


6. Fixed the issue that the Sales theme does not categorize and color the units properly in the Compare Properties tab under metric.


7. Fixed the issue in the Locate Tenant tab that "Trailing 12-month sales" (and other currency fields) are not summing up properly in the total line.


8. Fixed the issue that new users do not get the proper drawing elements turned on when they first enter a drawing.


9. Fixed the issue that spaces do not enclose when there are more than 1000 boundary lines surrounding them (the maximum number of lines enclosing a space has been increased to 5000).


10. Added the ability to reset a ViewSet color to the original out-of-box color after an administrator changes it.