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Release Notes

Propidex 05/02/2011



Tenant Logo Enhancements!

Date Sensitive Scenarios!

1. When a user moves a logo on a drawing, Propidex now traces the movement so that the user can see where the logo will be placed and pinpoint exact locations and placements for cleaner layouts.


2. The new logo "Delete " button will allow you to delete all logos accross the whole porfolio, rather than doing this function manually logo by logo.



3. The purpose of the new logo label checkbox in the custom label screen is to allow users to turn off labels on units with logos to minimize the clutter throughout your drawings and improve readability.


4. Users can now choose to make their scenarios date-sensitive by using the "Date Sensitive"
checkbox in the Drawing Properties window. When checked your system date is set to the effective date.
When unchecked a Scenario Drawing populates tenant information with todays system date.

When Unchecked this allows users to see what a scenario looked like with its attached data the day it was created showing a more accurate reflection of the scenario from its creation date.







1. SVG Label Box fills better than before by increasing line spacing from 1.5 to 1.75


2. Save As same drawing does not delete LayerState.


3.  (%D) in file names of the published SVG and PNG files now works


4. This version supports DoubleByte Entry in Fact Sheet, resolving the problem with Chinese characters not be shown in Factsheet.