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Release Notes

Propidex (includes Release Notes for & 09/21/2011






1)      New Drawing Export to PDF with Key Plan.  Use Clip area or zoom window to identify what is the area you want focused on & select “Key plan” to get key plan on the bottom of the PDF.

2)      Drawing- 2 lines of “marketing notes”.  This will appear on the PDF export (in the header) if you select them.  You get to these notes in the “Drawing properties” and works on Masters, Alternates and Scenarios.


3)      Enhanced Property Logo form allows you to attach a standard footer logo for drawings. You might find this useful to put a property logo or a LEEDS certified logo on the floor plan in addition to your company logo in the header.



**Important Note**  If the Footer Logo is not there in that Property, or if the footer is set to the left then the Key Plan is displayed on the right side.  If the Footer Logo is set on the right, then the key plan will be on left.

4)      Drawing- Custom text (enhanced rotation) - You can now set the orientation to get the letters to go up (bottom to top), down (top to bottom) or across (vertical).

5)      Default Property Name colour and capitalization for publishing stacks and floorplans.  If you wish to change the default black colour or you want to change the property to upper case - you can make these defaults (assuming you have CAD rights) to the property in the same Property logo form.

6)      Added Stack label options up to 16 items (4 rows x 4 items).  Now you can put up to 4 items on the same line (4 lines in total).  Putting 4 items on a single line works well on buildings with a lot of single tenant floors because you can keep the font at a readable size.

7)      For those of you who would like to change the font used in the Publish Stacks, we have added a global setting as an organizational override. Note, you can also change the font when on the Publish Stack form as well but on-screen font stays unchanged.

8)      New type of stack called “External Stack” in Publish Stacks (Select from Stack Type dropdown).  The purpose of this stack is to limit the information provided.  It’s purpose is to highlight spaces that are  available for lease and not give out any information about the occupied spaces.   see example .pdf attached.


·         Will always use Availability view

·         There is no delineation of occupied units

9)      3 new customizable floorplan labels to show on Stack.  You can use this to reflect whatever would be helpful for you and can vary from property to property. 



Only Users with Floorplan rights (new right in manage security) and/or CAD rights can add/edit/delete the contents of the floorplan tab.




10)   The Drawings Export to PDF, has been enhanced to allow you to have more options to include/exclude: 

a.       Building Name and/or Address (with or without date)

b.      Floor Name

c.       Theme with/without legend, with/ without statistics and with/ without date

d.      Marketing Notes (2 lines)

e.      Footer Logo (example: LEED logo)

f.        Key Plan – clipped area or window or full extent (only available on export to PDF, not in Publish Drawings)

g.       Drawing Name -  this is the drawing name you have open (master, scenario, alternate)



Important Note: Under publish drawing tab, Bar Scale and Key Plan are disabled if "Scale to fit" option is chosen, if you choose "Scale to ClipArea" or "Scale to preset values", then key plan will be enabled.

The Stack export to PDF has been enhanced to allow you to have more options in the presentation of the stack. 


You can choose to include/exclude:

·         Property Logo

·         Property Name

·         Property Address

·         Theme

·         Date the file is created

·         Legend (elaborating on items in theme)

·         Legend statistics (areas and % of total for items). When Legend is unchecked, Statistics will be unchecked automatically as well

·         Font to use

12)   For customers that are entering leases directly, or using the screen to override the property management data feed, if the override values are being tracked  - the Lease Type and Lease Status changes are also now being tracked (in addition to tenant name and dates).

13)   For customers using the Budget Tab to enter in Leasing Assumptions, a Comment Field is added to Lease Termination function to help capture the reason for the early termination.

14)   New Themes (for both stacks and floor plans): 

a.       Occupancy theme with No Future.  The current occupancy theme shows active, vacant and future so you can see that space, although currently vacant, it is committed to a future lease.  This new theme (VTYPE = ‘V’) shows just active and vacant.  Even though vacant spaces may have a future lease coming in, they still show as vacant.

b.      Monthly Expiry theme: New View type "L" is used to show expirations in monthly steps.  You can go in 1 month increments or 3 month (quarterly) increments, etc.

15)   New Colour options for Expiration Themes:  You can now set the colours for expiration themes to override the colours in the standard default palette. This applies to VTYPE = O,X,W. The colour table is called syscolors. 

16)   We have several new items that you can put in your labels for stacks and drawings:

·         Last Tenant Name (QNO =109) – even if the space is now vacant, it will show the last tenant.  If the space is currently occupied – but there is another tenant after that – it will show that last tenant name.

·         Current Tenant Rent on expiry (QNO =118)  shows the last base rent that the current lease on the space will pay.

·         Last Tenant Rent (QNO =119) showing the last base rent on the last lease on the space will pay, even if the lease is in the past.

·         Additional Base Rent PSF/Year (G) (QNO = 123) For those of you have 2 types of Base Rent – some which includes some other charge types that are also Base but needs to be separated out and need a subtotal for the total base rent.

·         Additional Base Rent PSF/Month (GM) (QNO = 124) Same as above but monthly number.

·         Aggregate Base Rent PSF/Year (BASE) (QNO = 125) Total of the Base + Additional Base PSF/year

·         Aggregate Base Rent PSF/Month (BASEM) (QNO = 126) Total for month

·         Subtenant Expiry (QNO =130) if there is a subtenant in the space – the subtenants expiry date.  If there are 2 subtenants in the space, then it will show both dates.

·         Subtenant Area (QNO =131) if there is a subtenant in the space – the subtenants area.  If there are 2 subtenants in the space, then it will show both areas.

17) Enhanced Legend Management: Our new Theme Manager allows the administrator to customize the contents of the legend in stacks and floor plans including new items: the number of distinct Leases and % occupied of each Category (in addition to current values are # of units and % total).



See the changes reflected in the example below.  Note the new “% Occupied” and “Leases” columns.



18)  Top 7 Tenant themes (M themes) have been enhanced to Top 9 Tenants and can be measured, not just on area  but on other attributes like sales psf, or rent psf (QNO1).  See the example of top tenants based on RENT.



19) New Dropdowns in Sales Tab that show Sales and Sales/SF 12 Month Averages (as opposed to totals) by Month.



20) In the Lease/Unit Information screen, we now provide an indication (Button goes yellow) of existing Notes, Documents and Availability Records.  If appropriate (like notes), it will indicate how many notes.



21) Suppression (from view) of File Path from Documents Tab and Network Documents

A Global Setting (SupressPath = Y) will tell Propidex to hide the location of a document in the Documents Tab and Network Documents screen so they will not know where the document is on the network.  However a user with DOCRights can see it. When the user without DOCRights wants to send the document, the program will first copy it from the hidden location to the user's folder so as not to expose it’s original location.

22) For our multi-language multi-regional settings and/or multi-measurement clients, the grid and lease information details (that are area, currency, date, psf values) can now be formatted so that they reflect the date and calculation based on the unit of measure required of the user’s settings.



23) Additional support for the following CAD features:

·         3D Faces

·         Thick Polylines( used to shade columns)

·         Dynamic Blocks ( Door Swing)

24) Area Calculations tab:  To remove redundancy, the official columns ( Official Loss Factor and Official Rentable Area) will be suppressed from spreadsheet if the "Set official equal to Calculated"option is checked




1.       For clients with multiple language support, updating a field in - Manage OptionCodes - will now no longer automatically update other language databases.  This was causing the field in the other languages to set back to English if you made an update to the English.

2.       For clients that enter their lease information directly (not through a feed)

a.       -Add/Edit Lease-, the options tab, you can now add a lease option without having to add comments

b.      After adding a new lease with valid dates, the grids is now refreshed automatically

3.       In the Cross Portfolio Locate Tenant Tab, a user can drag the column order around again

4.       For clients who have scenario drawing integration with Argus LeaseCRM, when you delete a shared scenario from the floorplans tab, it now also deletes it from the feed to LeaseCRM.

5.       Clients who are using double byte characters:

a.       Locate Tenant allows for double-byte name in either search field.

b.      Fact Sheet can support the entry and display of double-byte characters.

6.       The cut off issue of the heading on stack when we publish a stack with no header logo has been fixed

7.       Under "Compare Property", themes (such as Industry Code) will be dynamically rebuilt based on the filter options we choose now, rather than just from building groups.

8.       Save scenario drawing to Master Drawing will keep the imported background, but will not reverse back to the background of the previous master drawing.

9.       For clients using the Propidex calculated Rent/sales Ratio, it now calculates the same way in Locate Tenant tab as all other grids

10.   In publish drawings, in the case when multiple themes are chosen, instead of not showing any them in the filename, the %T displays the last theme chosen in Publish Drawing.