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Release Notes

Propidex 12/05/2011




1)     Import CAD reads and stores double byte(Unicode) characters.


2)     Now we can Thicken the polylines when we change their Width in the LayerManager.


Also when we import CAD Drawing we can specify the PolyLine width from original drawing by the following check box - “Respect the Poly Line Width”.



1.      Fixed error that throws out a Custom Stack(“+” and “-“) symbol.

2.      Fixed Error that throws out a Add duplicate property to the user collection.

3.      When Publishing External Stacks,  “Themes” Check box is now disabled.

4.      Issue fixed at Documents tab – Sorting by Date in grid. Please note in this release we removed Time value from Date column.

5.      Save Scenario  drawing with Calculated Area if we changed the Calculated Rentable Area in Area Wizard.

6.      More Segments available in Arc – (Drawing is more clear now - we added more segments in Arc).

7.      Fixed B2 field in Unit and Leases(Tenants).

8.      Fixed when we select a logo in the drawing the corresponding logo is selected in the Logo grid.

9.      Fixed the resources grid. It is now ordered by columns from Left to Right.

10.    Export PDF recognizes double byte(Unicode) characters (Adobe Reader may require update)