Solutions Overview
Planimetron helps commercial and corporate decision makers better understand their real estate by providing innovative software solutions that integrate and quantify space, occupancy and performance data over time.

These visually rich information systems allow our customers to identify opportunities and expose risks across their entire portfolio using color-coded floor plans, charts, reports and other decision support tools.
CAD Integration
High quality just isn't being accurate with mouse control! It's applying years of experience and an intimate knowledge of drawing standards, including BOMA. Planimetron's Drawing Management Services staff work in partnership with your architects and in-house drawing administration staff – working across multiple regions, often with different drawing policies and standards – processing new drawings and updating existing drawings.

CAD Integration is the intricate process of mapping physical spaces on floorplans to the units set-up in your property management system. Your marketing, leasing and accounting people need this to be done with precision – for accurate spatial location, area calculations and cost allocation – turning your drawings into an active backdrop for leading edge space management tools such as Planimetron’s Propidex and Corpidex.
Tenant Logo Library
The Tenant Logo library is the place where Propidex users can access a database of popular tenant logos and use them within their drawings. The library includes logos that have been converted into a design friendly format (.dwg) so that they may be included within floor plans and manipulated without loss of quality.

Qualified users may request access from after which they will be sent a login and password. They will then have access to download all the logos from within the library and use them within their drawings.

The service will allow users to get high quality logos immediately without the hassle of manually converting and developing them. The library allows users to save time and effort of manual development of the logos.

The Logo you want isn't in the library? Don’t have time to make it yourself? Get a custom logo created for you! If you would like a logo that is not currently included in the library, our team would be happy to create it for you. Logos start at as little as $50.
Solution Options
Implementation Option Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Solutions for Corporate Real Estate
Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure
Propidex Online
for Space Planners, Asset Managers, Property Managers & Leasing
Corpidex Online
Space Management for Corporate Real Estate
Propidex Mobile
for Decision Makers on the move
In-Houser Server
Propidex Enterprise
Portfolio Asset, Space & Lease Management
Corpidex Enterprise
Space Resource Management & Enterprise-wide Portal for Corporate Real Estate
Case Studies
Cadillac Fairview Case Study - Propidex Retail
Learn how Propidex helped one of North America's largest owners, investors and managers of commercial real estate optimize the efficiency of their retail space.
Brookfield Case Study - Propidex Office
Brookfield had a wide variety of information systems and was seeking better integration along with faster response times to meet the needs of the business.
Insite Architects - Case Study
Learn how Web-Based Propidex helped INSITE Architects leverage the abilities of easy area calculations.
Insurance Company Case Study - Corpidex
Corpidex Software for move planning, space planning and conference reservations was selected because of its ease of use, integration with Outlook and low cost of ownership.
SQL Server Solutions Brief - Corpidex
Taking advantage of SQL Server 2008’s powerful data management capabilities, Corpidex provides a visually appealing, consolidated view of all your property information.