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Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

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Planimetron helps commercial and corporate decision makers better understand their real estate by providing innovative software solutions that integrate and quantify space, occupancy and performance data over time...


These visually rich information systems allow our customers to identify opportunities and expose risks across their entire portfolio using color-coded floor plans, charts, reports and other decision support tools.

Intelligent Software for Real Estate Professionals

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Implementation Option

Solutions for

Commercial Real Estate

Solutions for
Corporate Real Estate

Cloud Computing
Microsoft Azure

Propidex Online

for Space Planners, Asset Managers, Property Managers & Leasing

Corpidex Online

Space Management
for Corporate Real Estate

Propidex Mobile

for Decision Makers on the move
In-House Server

Propidex Enterprise

Portfolio Asset,
Space & Lease Management

Corpidex Enterprise

Space Resource Management
& Enterprise-wide Portal
for Corporate Real Estate

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