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Webinars Available:   Propidex   Corpidex


  Webinars Available:  Propidex for Commercial Real Estate

 Top Best Practices In Area Measurement

For Architects and Space Planners
Over the years, area measurement calculations have grown more and more complex as companies struggle to adapt to new standards and maximize their efficiency in measuring rentable area. This growth and development brings many questions to the table like -- Am I using the right area measurement practice? How should I be using and updating old architectural drawings? How do I efficiently measure rentable area?

In this webinar we explore the answers to these questions and more, as we discuss best industry practices. Charles Becker director of architectural systems for Vornado and Robert Parfett Standardware creator will be our guides to the technology tools.



  Webinars Available:  Corpidex for Corporate Real Estate

 Corpidex: Visual Space Management

A live webinar session to introduce the commercial real estate professional to Corpidex.  

We will discuss the merits of time-sensitivity and graphical representations and user-friendly focus.  See how you can manage corporate charge backs in a simple and straight-forward manner so that it remains transparent to the viewer.  Find out how you can increase utilization with room reservations and hoteling.